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As we begin this new journey, I’d like to congratulate ‘Art Licensing Show’ for being innovative with this new concept. I hope that this site becomes an invaluable resource. May the synergy and creativity on this site be an inspiration for all involved.

Pam Wingard

ALSC is elegantly designed to showcase every type of artwork. I am constantly inspired by the number of talented and professional artists I meet here.

Stephie McCarthy
Key Creative

 You have to love the one-stop shopping when it is convenient for you!

Annie Troe
Artist • Graphic Designer

 I am very excited to be a part of this site. I feel it’s a safe place for me to share my art and connect with Art Directors. It’s a warm, user-friendly environment where we can find each other and get beautiful art onto amazing products.

Beth Parker
Creator of Whimsy

I am REALLY excited to be a part of this site! A place for connections to happen… artist to art director, artist to artist, artist to agent, idea to product… all in one place. Thank you!

Charlene Maguire

Welcome, art directors around the world! Enjoy!

Andrea Brooks and Dennis Kendrick
Husband and Wife Artists

I’m so excited to be a part of the Art Licensing Show. It’s a perfectly organized marketplace for art.

Karen Gillis Taylor

Spring is here! is here!

What a wonderful place for our industry to gather!

(and no more sore feet from working and walking the trade shows!)

Megan Halsey
Artist, Designer

Wow! Exciting! Fun! Innovative! Just a few words to describe Art Licensing Show! So happy to be a part of this wonderful site.

Vickie S

I am so thrilled to be a part of! This is a well thought-out community of artists and those looking for art – it’s exciting that there is now a place for artists like myself to safely & conveniently present art for licensing. And, what an invaluable tool for Art Directors to be able to view so many different types of art in one place. I look forward to the future here, and I know being a part of this site will be an asset in my art licensing program!

April Turner

 An innovative showcase bringing together the originality, creativity and resourcefulness of artists and agents. Let’s do something amazing together!

Angela McGoran

I am a character designer seeking licensing opportunities. I have just entered the licensing world and love this site. This site is a special place to meet other artists that specialize in many styles, as well as directors and agents. I know I will learn a lot about the industry and meet wonderful people I would not be able to meet in person.

Jenn Slade

Congratulations to the Art Licensing Show. I am really excited to be taking part in this new exciting website and community of talented Artists and Art directors from around the world. Looking forward to sharing my collections with you. Thank you Art Licensing Show.

Susse Linton
Surface pattern designer

Here’s to Cherish and her development team for her vision and the countless hours in bringing this huge project to life. May we all pursue our goals with such passion!

Krista Hamrick
Illustrator/ Designer

Let’s enjoy being part of this great online revolution for artists! What a time saving platform for the industry, both for artists, agents and licensors. Let the art show begin!

Carrie Webster

Art Licensing Show is an incredible opportunity for both the artist and art directors. It is like having a year round trade show that is sure to transform the way artists and art directors find each other from here on out. Quick and easy for everyone involved. A truly brilliant idea!

Eliza Todd

This idea has so much potential. Hoping it will be a great resource for all of us.

Varda Livney

I joined because everything is easier for Licensees to see things from the comfort of their office and I can put my portfolio up online safely and securely with connections to those Licensees. I also enjoy the groups filled with wonderful people and great information. It’s the wave of the future to be online. Here we are and it’s going to be a blast.

madeline faiella


I joined ALSC because I am open to all opportunities that my work can bring. In the past I have licensed my paintings for a series of greeting cards and needle point canvases. It’s a very satisfying feeling to create artwork that can be reproduced in other marketable items.

Lynn Payne


I love having the ability to connect with other artists and art directors. You will love Art Licensing Show!

Meredith Dillman

 Looking forward to teaming up with manufacturers to produce great art for products!

Holli Conger
Licensed Artist with BIG ideas

So happy to be a part of Art Licensing Show. What a wonderful, cutting edge creative idea! All facets of the art licensing business can have a single and secure place to meet, share work and exchange ideas. Art Licensing Show is giving us a glimpse of the future. Here’s to loads of success for all who are the lucky participants!

Jill Meyer
Licensed Artist

Congratulations to all! What an exciting way to meet others in the art licensing industry. Art Licensing Show is bringing together licensors and licensees in the most convenient way possible today. Licensees will find art at their fingertips and licensors will present their work securely and become better informed by joining groups which discuss various areas of interest.

Barbara Lanza

Welcome to the show! I’m thrilled to be part of this quality community of creatives. Here’s to the fabulous journey ahead!

Gina Graham

I particularly like the unobtrusive method of showing my artwork to just the licensees most interested, and on their time schedule. Safe and easy showcase all in one place! Good luck Art Licensing Show!

Randy Wollenmann
Art & Design Studio

Why am I on EASY! Good art, good people, and a very, very good idea. Cheers to Cherish and the team for bringing together the worlds of artists and art buyers in a way that modernizes the process for both artists and their clients.

Michelle Baker

I am really excited to have joined such a celebratory place for Art Licensing.

Amanda Dilworth
Illustrator & Pattern Designer

Welcome to the show! I’m thrilled to be part of this quality community of creatives. Here’s to the fabulous journey ahead!

Gina Graham

I am delighted to be in the company of artists, art directors and manufacturers where art is directly accessible for licensing and where this creative community is sure to thrive.

Dianne Woods

I’m so excited to join Art Licensing (ALSC) protected website so that I can show any of my art to only art directors that I wish. Also it is a wonderful licensing community and easy to connect with other members and share information on the numerous special interest groups. Art directors can join ALSC at no cost and view thousands of images created by hundred of artists. It is a great way to not only view new work of artists they already work with but also discoverer fresh new work of artists unfamiliar to them.

Joan Beiriger
licensed artist

Wow! It is so exciting to be part of this Fun and Innovative portfolio site! Thank you Cherish for this opportunity.

Vickie S

I view as a place to connect with other artists and companies to broaden my knowledge base of the industry. Ultimately, I would love to connect with someone on this website that will help me share my JOY, my art, with consumers!

Amy Reber


Welcome to the exciting new marketplace for innovative and trend setting art! It is a great way to meet new artists and reconnect with familiar faces. I am truly passionate about licensing and the Art Licensing Show gives me a platform to showcase my latest creations all year round.

Julien Chung
Creative Director


Congratulations on the launch of the Art Licensing Show! The site has given me great education and motivation as I dive deeper into the Art Licensing industry. It’s brilliant to have an online marketplace where artist/designers and art directors can participate and collaborate. Cheers!

Elizabeth Hale
Artist / Surface + Pattern Designer

I’m so happy to be part of the Art Licensing Show. It’s a great place to connect in the licensing industry. I also love how easy it is to show and sell my art.

Patti Sokol
Artist and Designer

I joined because I needed a secure, private, professional site that would work with qualified art directors. I applaud them for filling the need within the industry while keeping it easy to use.

Kellie Lewis

I am super excited to participate in the new opportunities that Art Licensing Show has organized for artists and designers!

Kimberly Baxter Packwood
Arist & Designer


Congratulations Art Licensing Show! We are so proud and honored to be a part of such an innovative concept and to share space with so many talented artists!

Deb Dittmer & Vicki De Roeck


All Artists, Licensors, and manufacturers can meet in one convenient and easy to view web site.

Jo Lynch

I joined the to make my art more accessible to Art Directors looking for joyful and happy illustrations. So excited to be part of this creative community!

Yuko Miki

A red ribbon day!!!! I can’t wait to see what this new world will bring. It is a celebration of art and a celebration of us!

A toast to Cherish Flieder for her dream come true!

Sherry London
prancingpixel designs chief of everything…

Cheers to The Art Licensing Show on their official launch! I’m so grateful to be part of this innovative and collaborative community. The site is laid out attractively and is user-friendly, which lets me focus more of my time on designing art. It’s a convenient and safe place to connect with art directors and to display and share all of my hard work.

I look forward to building strong relationships and creating a lot of saleable art.

Congratulations “The Art Licensing Show”!

Pamela Vale
Artist and Designer

I am thrilled to be a part of the new Art Licensing Show. The go-to place for all art needs. This is an affordable place for artist to show there portfolio’s and grow their Licensing business. It’s also a great place for Art Directors, Licensees and Manufacturers to find the highest quality art for their needs.

Kim Gann
Licensed Artist


Cheers to the launch of something special that could revolutionize the licensing industry for both creators and buyers!

Stan Yan

Finally! A one-stop shop for artists to connect with art directors in a creative, collaborative environment! I simply could not pass up an opportunity like this and I look forward to all of the opportunities and relationships that arise out of this fantastic community. Cheers!

Megan K. Ball
Owner/Illustrator at Buck & Libby

A wonderful website full of great talent. An inspiring and welcoming community can be found here. So glad to be a part of this !

Emily Wilson

I joined to be able to share my art in a secure and controlled environment and join a network of sheer talent. is a fantastic idea and equally great for both the Designer and Art Director to do what they both do best: Get gorgeous products into production and into the possession of happy paying customers!

Natalie Williamson
Happy Surface Pattern & Graphic Designer

Congratulations on the launch of the Art Licensing Show! What an amazing place for artists and art directors to meet! I am excited to be a part of this creative global community!

Rachel Mense

We’re excited to be a part of this next evolution of the dynamic art licensing market!

Ronnie Walter


So excited to work with you all!

Gaia Cornwall
Illustrator, Designer


I am so incredibly fired-up to be a part of! As an artist, it’s an incredible feeling to know that there’s one place you can reach out, connect, and get exposure to the world’s top art licensors and directors all at the same time!

Lara Kulpa

A professional website for viewing my portfolio of art! Easy for Art Directors and manufacturers to access this directory.

Valerie Hart
Pink Ellie Promo Art Licensing Show Launch

I’m looking forward to having trade-show quality interactions, sharing my work and learning from other pros without having to go to the trade-shows. This will be a much more personal and intentional place to make art deals than in the vast ocean of social media.

Joe Fenton

I am so thrilled to be a part of the Art Licensing Show. It is because of this new innovative site that I decided to try my hand back into licensing my art and design.

Loren Fidalgo


  1. Lorraine Mullett on March 23, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    So glad I added Art Licensing Show to my world 🙂 . . . the doors are open . . . it is time to celebrate . . . this is only the beginning . . . wonderful opportunities awaits . . . happy . . . happy . . . ribbon cutting . . . love . . . light . . . laughter . . . enjoy

  2. Sherry London on March 23, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    I am so thrilled to be part of Cherish’s dream of a safe place to exhibit artwork on the Internet. This has been a massive effort of Cherish and her team to get this site created and keep it running. I wish them –and all of us– the best of luck!

    A virtual toast to the future!

  3. Leslie Ann Clark - artist! on March 23, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Oh what fun today is! What great art I am seeing. Anytime you hear a bell and artist gets a job! oh wait… perhaps I am confusing that with…..

    Happy Day Everyone!

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