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Logos, Banners & Buttons

Tell everyone in your network that your private art licensing portfolio is now or will available at!

Ideas on where to add your banners and buttons:

  • Add to your home page
  • Your website footer/header/sidebar
  • Add the Art Licensing Pinwheel Square alongside your social media icons.
  • Put banners in the sidebar on your blog
  • Most importantly, put a logo and link on your art licensing portfolio page.
    • Many artists/agents have a landing page to tell visitors about their protected portfolio. Why not give them some wonderful teaser imagery here and then take them over to see you on your profile at ASLC?

Social Sharing
Want to blog or tweet about your participation. Go for it! Tag your social shares #artlicensingshow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and whatever else you are using.

Can I customize the banners and buttons?
Yes! Absolutely make them fit into your marketing look. If you want to make your own banners and buttons, that is welcome too. Just be sure to uphold the integrity of the logo in your creations.

What can I link to?
You can link to your profile page or your portfolio page. The same link works for the art directors. They just need to be logged in to see those pages of course. Check out this new kb that explains how the links work:

What if they are not yet registered?
Art Directors can apply for a free account by going to If they have a recommendation from you as a trusted company, that will go a long way to speed up their approval process. If you sent them to the site, we will include your profile link in their confirmation email as a thank you.

How do I share art with art directors?
Check out this article here with all the details:

Download Web Ready Logos Here

Download Vector Logos Here (coming soon!)

*By downloading these logos you agree to use them in compliance with the site’s terms of use and community guidelines.

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