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Choosing a username

Usernames are an essential part to your account.
Once they are chosen, they can’t be changed.

They serve as…

  • A part of your default profile URL
  • Your login ID
  • A part of your portfolio URL (if you have a portfolio account)
  • A way to tag one another on the site*

*Under development



  • You can’t use spaces in usernames
    • i.e. my username is “somethingtocherish”
    • Many members are choosing something like this:
      • FirstNameLastName
      • CompanyName
  • All lowercase is best, but not necessary
  • Use letters and numerals only
  • Pick something that people will remember you by, this is an extension of your name or your brand.
  • You may consider using the same username that you use on other social media sites


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