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Art Director Privacy

As an “Authorized” Art Director, you may be granted permissions to view and “star” favorite artwork in according to the site Terms.

  • Reviewing art is completely private. The only individuals that know about your access to particular pieces are you and the Licensor/Artist that shared their original content with you. They have the right to remove this access at anytime.


  • Your specific art viewing and “favoriting” activity on the site is 100% private and not tracked or recorded.


  • Each Art Director will also have a unique and private viewing experience that is unlike any other depending on who shares which art pieces and collections with you.


  • You can also choose which official company information to share on your profile.


  • Your admin email (the email you registered with) is always kept private and never shown on your profile page unless you choose to add it by going to the the “Edit Profile” page.


  • You can login to the secure site to send and receive internal emails as needed.


  • Our site is protected by USA bank level SSL encryption, which means all information coming and going to our servers located in Washington D.C.  is highly encrypted and protected. (*We are in the final implementation phases of this feature is currently being implemented across the network.)